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Lift Truck Online Training

This online training program is the first step in order to receive full-certification

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Lift Truck Online Training
'Awareness' Training

This Lift Truck online program has been prepared as an excellent review for lift truck operators in the basics of lift truck safety and operations and as an introduction for training new lift truck operators in the basics of lift truck safety and operations.

The objectives of this Online Program are:

  • Help the operator get the maximum benefit of lift truck safety
  • Have the operators understand how weight, speed and momentum effect lift truck operations
  • Identify the safe handling procedures associated with fuels and batteries used in lift trucks
  • Identify safe operating techniques of a lift truck
  • Show operators how to perform daily maintenance and safety checks on a lift truck
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About Danatec Educational Services Ltd.

Since 1985, Danatec has been providing quality training products and services to our clients and individuals in various industries, business and governments across Canada. Our online, audio based, instructor led training programs will provide you or your employees with the knowledge needed to comply with the appropriate legislations for Lift Truck training. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use online programs and as well paper based manuals are preferred by employers and trainers across the country. Our experts at Danatec have developed this content based on years of experience in the training industry.